My Dad loved to write.

He wrote for living in his career as an advertising executive with the Ira Thomas Advertising Agency. He enjoyed what he did and consequently he became pretty good at it!

This was the solicitation letter which Dad wrote to various syndication companies about his “One Man’s Opinion” columns. Click to see it full-size.
A list where Dad kept a record of where he had solicited his “One Man’s Opinion” column. Click to see it full-size.

In the early 1970s, Dad decided to throw his hat in the ring and see if he could write for some of the “big boys” in the syndication arena. His “One Man’s Opinion” articles were the result.

Dad solicited many of the major syndication companies of the time, but all he received for his efforts were rejection letters. Even so, Dad kept at it as he tried to sell his efforts to one of the syndication outfits.

Ultimately Dad was never able to sell the idea, but I never heard him complain about the rejection letters he received, nor did I ever see him discouraged in this effort. He was a great role model.


Here are his “One Man’s Opinion” columns, in no particular order…