Paul C. Melvin
August 26, 1921 - January 9, 2006

Paul C. Melvin, was a Lay Preacher in the United Methodist Church. He often delivered sermons at his home church, Trinity United Methodist Church in Youngstown, Ohio. He also traveled to other churches in northeast Ohio to deliver sermons to other congregations, as the need arose. He enjoyed serving God in this way and bringing His message to many people in the area.


Dad's faith was unshakable.


He was a Believer.


And he was my Dad.


Dad was not a computer guy. He wrote most of his sermons before the age of computers and word processors. He wrote advertising copy for a living and used a typewriter almost every day for that work.


In writing these sermons, he gathered his thoughts, made a few notes, then typed out the finished manuscript on his beloved old Underwood typewriter on half-letter size paper. He was a "two-finger typist" using only the index fingers of both hands, but he typed amazingly fast! After the initial manuscript was completed, Dad would often add notes in the margins, or underline points in the text for special emphasis.


Click on the image at the left to see a larger view of his original manuscript from the sermon, "“I Am The Way The Truth and The Life”.